Weekly Roundup 11/2/13

This week’s roundup is all RUF RT-35. In our case, one standard RT-35 and two RT-35S models.

First is this silver RT-35. I don’t know the exact color, but if it’s a Porsche color I would guess Arctic Silver or possibly GT Silver, even though it’s a little on the lighter side for GT. I first saw this posted on the official RUF Automobile Facebook Page as their header image back in February. It was parked outside the RUF front showroom on the driveway with its silver paint gleaming on a sunny winter day. I commented on the photo, but no other details were posted.

I was making my rounds on Google a few weeks later and happened across a thread on the e90post where a member by the name of comar1979 had posted photos of this RT-35 in the parking lot of the BMW Welt facility in Munich, Germany. Some observant members realized what it was and posted in the replies. So far, these are the only photos I have of the car and don’t have any details on it. Would love to see some interior shots as well as VIN and current whereabouts. Let me know if you have anything: info@rufregistry.com

Next up is what I believe to be the first production RUF RT-35S. This car is finished in a yellow hue and was on the stand at the Geneva Auto Salon earlier this year. Again, I don’t know the exact color, but would guess it’s “Yellowbird Yellow”. The RT-35S is similar in appearance to the standard RT-35, save for tall fixed wing in the back replacing the ducktail. Engine enhancements include a power bump to 650bhp. This particular RT-35S is a right-hand-drive model with a manual gearbox and a unique piano black finish on the dash and door trim that accents the leather and alcantara interior very nicely (with yellow deviated stitching of course!). It is equipped with the GT2 seats, the wheels are painted in a gunmetal color with carbon-ceramic brakes and yellow-painted brake calipers. Finally, the mirror housings appear to be bare carbon instead of paint-matched to the body.

Finally, there is the green RT-35S. I simply LOVE this color, and believe it is a throwback to the mint green Porsche color from the 964-era of the early 1990s. Information and pictures are even more sparse on this particular car, but the pictures show that it is equipped with the Lollipop seats like those found in the CTR3 and like the yellow RT-35S, the interior appears to be covered in much more alcantara than the standard RT-35. Again, if you have any more pictures & info on this car, please e-mail me: info@rufregistry.com