Weekly Roundup 10/25/13

I’m going to begin doing a weekly roundup for some of our friends who are not on facebook. If you are, Like our page here!

Here are some of the cars I have added to the registry.

First is the last of the 3 Porsche 996-based RUF RGTs. These cars pre-dated the Porsche GT3 in the U.S. market, and as such, are fairly sought after. The other two cars are the Estoril Blue RGT and the copper colored one (I don’t know what the name of the color, if anybody out there knows or owns this car, please e-mail me at info@rufregistry.com so I can update it), both of which are in the registry already.

Next is the very first Porsche 991-based RUF RT35 roadster. The standard RUF RT35 coupe (first 991-based car from RUF) debuted approximately a year and a half ago and hot on the heels of the new 991 Porsche 911 cabriolet, RUF worked their magic and now we have the RT35 roadster. This first car is finished in nice dark blue exterior with a Luxor Beige interior complimented by “throwback” tartan-print fabric covering the seat centers.

Finally, the first white RT35 I have ever seen. This car was tested by Auto Zeitung and a few pictures have been floating around on Instagram as well. I didn’t expect white to look so good since the 991 is quite large for a 911, but I think the RT35 actually looks very handsome in white and I like the silver-finished wheels rather than a more aggressive black or gunmetal on this particular car.