Weekly Roundup 08/01/15 – Three BTRs, two RUF VINs and one Porsche 930 Turbo conversion

First weekly roundup in nearly a year! Work and life got in the way and I had to step back from updating the registry for a while, but getting back on the horse now and will be updating fairly regularly from here on out.

ex-Marilyn Beddor RUF BTR converted to Twinturbo: I’ve had a few different people submit this car in the past and finally got around to adding it to the registry. It’s an interesting car if only because it appears to have started off as a very nice and comprehensive BTR, but was converted to twinturbo afterward. The Beddor family were good customers of RUF in the past with Steve Beddor campaigning a CTR2 in everything from road racing to Pikes Peak hillclimbs. Steve seems to have moved on from RUF and motorsports, selling his CTR2 a while back. It has an interesting engine management system with a bizarre control box sitting on top the passenger side rear seatback which has been folded down. On the other rear seat is a fire suppression system retardant tank. Everything else looks like fairly standard BTR with a very period white and black interior with period Recaro seats and racing harnesses.

RUF BTR No. 009: This is the earliest BTR that has been submitted to the registry. I had my eye on it on mobile.de a while ago when it was being represented by a dealer in Germany in pretty rough condition. The person who submitted it didn’t divulge too much information about who they are, “MB Racing” in Italy and submitted the picture that was posted to our social media channels. I think this car may have slipped under the radar since it was in well-used condition judging by the photos. These early BTRs are much lighter than the later cars and perform very aggressively as well. The color on thi car is fairly unique as well, you don’t see that many linen metallic cars in general, much less a RUF. It is silver with just a touch of champagne giving it a warm hue.

Porsche 930 Turbo cabriolet RUF BTR III conversion: Last car from this week is a late ’80s conversion that comes up for sale from time to time. Last I saw it, it was being represented by Top Gear Imports who are fairly avid Porsche sellers on eBay for around $130,000. According to a RUF Registry fan on facebook, the car also popped up after it was at Top Gear for $225,000, and I will add to the story on the car’s registry profile page when I get more info. With that said, it was submitted by its current owner/caretaker, Paul W. If you are interested in purchasing the vehicle, e-mail me and I’ll put you in touch.

That’s it for this week. As always, if you come across any cool and exciting RUF cars, please email me at info@rufregistry.com

  • Jim Facinelli

    The Marilyn Beddor car was originally the sister car to my Ruf BTRC4. I have her husbands Franks car, which I have owned over 15 yrs. Her car was rumored to have been smashed hard and rebuilt into its present state though that is the rumor as it no longer has anything at all like mine.