Weekly Roundup 07/12/14 – A tale of two Porsche 911 Turbo R conversions and a RUF VIN 3800S

I don’t think I’ve made it any secret that more or less everybody likes the Porsche 911 RUF Turbo R conversions (RUF VIN as well) and RUF CTR2 cars the most on Facebook and Instagram. I happen to like them quite a bit too. Not as much as the original CTR, but closely behind. My theory is, the world economy was doing pretty well throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, so there are quite a few of these cars out there. Only 29 original CTR2s, but a lot of Turbo R conversions floating around. Good news for us RUF fans is, the internet makes the world a very small place and there’s plenty of great cars popping up.

Black Porsche 911 RUF Turbo R Conversion: Posted this bad boy yesterday. It was tough to followup on wednesday’s white Turbo S-based car, but this one’s almost as tasty and for those who like to fly under the radar, it’s just about perfect. The BBS wheels are a nice touch over the more often seen RUF 5-spoke alloys, even though I would still prefer the latter personally.

Grand Prix White Porsche 911 Turbo S RUF Turbo R conversion: Pretty much the holy grail of Porsche 993s is the Turbo S. Add to that the RUF Turbo R conversion with some extra RUF accessories like the wheels, bumpers and some interior work, and this is pretty much the dream 993 short of a CTR2. Like the black one, this one is also available in Japan at LMP Cars.

Grand Prix White 981 RUF 3800S: This car has been available for sale for quite a while now and is looking no worst for wear. With all the news about the Porsche Cayman GT4 moving forward with an aggressive turbocharged powerplant, lets not forget how nice and visceral a high-revving, naturally aspirated flat-6 is. This 3800S is a perfect example of that, and with mid-engine balance, I’m sure it’s an absolute hoot to drive! Good news for anyone who’s interested, this very car is available with Bob Forstner, Excalibur Park Lane immediately in the UK. Make sure to check out those seats too, I’m a total sucker for houndstooth.

That’s it, and as always, find a cool RUF or know someone who does? E-mail me: info@rufregistry.com