Weekly Roundup 07/05/14 – a black devil from Japan RUF CR4 converion, a Yellowbird Yellow 996 RTurbo and an early 911SCR

This week’s additions were a bit haphazard, as I wanted to mix it up a bit since last week we had a pretty good mix of new and old. Overall, I would say these three cars represent a pretty good breadth of RUF products from around the world. There’s something for everybody, whether it started off as a Porsche 911 originally and modified in-period to SCR, or is a newer RUF VIN car that carries with it the cache of the IRC, a monster turbo motor and trademark “Yellowbird Yellow” paint.

A lot of people ask me from time to time which RUF is my favorite and I have to say, I love all the CTRs a lot, as they are just a little bit more special than the conversions or more conventional Porsche 911-based RUF VIN cars. But, with that said, the Yellowbird Yellow RUF RTurbo is like the spiritual successor to the original RUF CTR Yellowbird. Additionally, it was also the highest-spec RUF one could purchase brand-new at the time, before the CTR3 came along. Those two things together make it one of my favorite RUFs, certainly one of the more special cars I have added recently.

The black CR4 and SCR represent the other end of the spectrum. For those people who want a RUF-level of appointment and attention to detail, but not necessarily in a monster powerful package, these naturally aspirated cars are a great alternative. Just as eager to tackle a trackday or long distance rally event, the SCR and east-Asian-market-specific CR4 are both great cars in their own right and carry that special RUF cache.

Without further ado, lets get onto this week’s additions to the RUF Registry.

1991 RUF CR4 from Japan: Japan is literally brimming with great cars, and this black CR4 is no exception. This car was submitted by its owner, Terumi Y. Terumi reports that Alois Ruf personally named this car “Diablo Negro” or “Black Devil” and I have to say, it’s a fitting name for such a car. The “Diablo Negro” is a RUF VIN 964-based CR4 model. Like the CRo and CR2, the CR4 is an east-Asian-market car that we did not get here in America or Europe as far as I know. The CR cars are naturally aspirated an the CR4 has the all-wheel-drive system from the Porsche 964 Carrera 4, making “Diablo Negro” a very robust package for a road rally or track day fun.

Yellowbird Yellow RUF RTurbo: A yellow monster was the subject of wednesday’s Facebook post. This car is a RUF VIN RTurbo and originally delivered with one of the lowest-spec motors with the 520 bhp. Although no slouch, it at some point, somebody wanted more and had the cars engine upgraded by RUF to 650 bhp “Nardo” spec. Save for its all-wheel-drive, one could say that this particular car is the spiritual successor to the original RUF CTR Yellowbird that made headlines in 1987 when it outran the competition in a Road & Track Magazine test. As far as I know and from the research I’ve done, it is still owned by “RSA333″ on Rennlist.

Black Porsche 911 SCR from Denmark: Finally, we kicked the week off with the 911SCR from Denmark. This particular conversion belongs to “Mikael” on Pelicanparts. It was in pretty dire shape when he finally decided to take it down and have all the rust repaired. More proof that the Europeans truly DRIVE their cars compared to us here in the United States. Overall, it looks like he did an excellent job resurrecting the car. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of modifications beyond what was fitted in-period, but everything seems to be done to a very high standards. I would personally prefer it with the impact-bumpers, but the 964-look conversion appears to be carried out very well and is something that RUF did for at least one other customer at some point, so I think it’s an appropriate modification. Even though I featured an SCR last week as well, these cars are very scarce and documentation on them is hard to come by. They are definitely a nice gem if one can find a good example that has been well-kept.

That’s it for this week. If you have any further information on any RUFs out there, please do not hesitate to email me: info@rufregistry.com