Weekly Roundup 06/28/14 – From oldest, a Porsche 911SCR conversion to newest, a 991-based RUF RT35

We went to “coast-to-coast” as we say here in America with what is essentially the first RUF-modified Porsche model, a 911 SCR, and a nearly new Porsche 991-based RUF RT35. Although there isn’t much of anything RUF left on the SCR conversion, it has been rebuilt by Porsche specialists in the UK Tech 9 Motorsports to a fantastic specification. The RUF RT35 needs no introduction, although I will expound on the car further down. Finally, we started the week off with a pretty typical BTR conversion that seems to have traveled the world and landed here in Southern California.

Sport Classic Gray Porsche 911 SCR Conversion: From the few photos I’ve been able to find of the final product, it does not seem like there is anything other than maybe some small frame reinforcements left of the RUF work on this 911SC that was originally converted to SCR. Good news is, like the black Porsche 911 Turbo R Conversion from last week, this car is very well-documented on an online forum, DDK-Online in this case. Either way, it’s a spectacular air-cooled Porsche 911 build, in an awesome color, and appears to be somewhat street-able still.

And a shot of what it looked like before the rebuild:

Metallic Brown RUF RT-35: This is the next RT-35 produced after the Grand Prix White RUF RT-35 Roadster and finished in a very unique spec. At first I thought it was the Porsche color Macadamia Metallic, but now I’m not so sure. It looks a little lighter and with a touch more metallic. My favorite part of this car is the interior. It is a very subtle two-tone beige full alcantara with houndstooth inserts on the seats, such an elegant color combination against the metallic brown exterior. I don’t know a whole lot about where this car has ultimately ended up, but Autogespot member TheCarhotel spotted the car in Munich in July 2013. It was also on the stand at the Geneva Auto Salon earlier this year.

Silver Porsche 930 RUF BTR Conversion: Finally, there’s the silver 930 I posted on monday. This car spent some good time in Japan and the current seller OXCars appears to have brought to Europe en route to its final destination here in Southern California where it is being offered for sale. Nothing particularly unique about this car, but it looks about right for the miles and although there isn’t any science behind this observation, I have found that the Japanese cars tend to have a little bit better attention paid to them than ones in Europe. If you’re looking for a nice 930 driver, this one’s probably worth taking a look at.

That’s it for this week. I’ve got some exciting plans for the Registry I’m working on right now that I’ll reveal in a few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any further information or photos on these or any of the cars in the registry, please e-mail me: info@rufregistry.com