Weekly Roundup 06/22/14 – new and old Porsche and RUF VIN 911s

First of all, happy summer to all Ruf Registry followers. Here in Los Angeles, summer has hit hard and hot and it has inspired me to try and plan some great road trips of my own. I would be driving my Porsche 911SC, but would obviously prefer doing it in a RUF, like an original RUF CTR, or maybe a CTR2. Either way, you I want to encourage everybody who’s on the fence or trying to plan something out to get on with it and do it! Nothing better than spending some quality time covering nice highways and seeing parts of the world you haven’t yet explored. Without further ado, lets get onto the RUF Registry additions for this week:

Moss Green Metallic RUF CTR: I’ve seen this car posted quite a bit on the internet, especially on the Pelican Parts Forum which I frequent weekly. Since my favorite color is green, this is probably my favorite CTR. I’ve been tracking this car since about 2010 when it was first posted for sale on Garage Current. I finally got around to translating the description section from the information I have, and it appears the car had an accident that damaged the left side of the car and as such, it is reflected on the title according to Garage Current. I think that’s part of the reason it sat unsold for so many years. Either way though, it does not appear on the site any longer, and I have not seen it for sale anywhere else.

Guards Red RUF CTR Cabriolet: I had heard about this car from someone who either owns it or owned it previously. They had e-mailed asking me about whether the VIN number is an actual RUF VIN and I did not have any records of it, so said I was unsure, but it does appear to be genuine. What’s interesting about this car is, it’s not a Porsche and does not appear to carry a factory Porsche 930 Turbo VIN, which starts with WPOZZZ like all other Porsches of that time destined for rest-of-world markets. This could very well be one of the first RUF VIN BTRs ever built, and the current seller claims it is one of two built. These early RUF VIN cars carry a lot more Porsche equipment than the later cars where RUF content was continuously increased, but the bumpers and leather-covered RUF hornpad steering wheel lend themselves to the RUF VIN story. Either way, it looks fairly represented, with the condition matching the claimed miles.

Arena Red Porsche 911 Turbo R Conversion: Yeah yeah, I know what you guys are thinking? Another 993 Turbo R conversion. I have no shame in admitting this car is in my absolute favorite spec on the 993, Arena Red over black leather interior. The cashmere is nice as well, but in the states at least, the preferred spec seemed to be the grey interior, which wears absolutely horribly. This car looks super tidy and is available for sale at Specialist Cars of Malton in the UK with what appears to be good documentation. If I hit the lottery and decided to move to the UK, this would be the first and last car on my list. Absolutely perfect for a quick blast in the english countryside or to take on an adventure down to main land Europe and the French Riviera.

That’s it for this week. Hope everybody has a great first week of summer, and as always, please e-mail me if you have any further information on these cars: info@rufregistry.com