Weekly Roundup 06/07/14

This weekly roundup as you guys may have guessed is all Cayman-based RUFs. We kicked the week off with a green RUF 3800S, then added a couple of different “2.9 Asia Edition” cars, an orange one, and a grey with red wheels.

I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly a “2.9 Asia Edition” is. To be honest, I believe it’s the standard 2.9 liter Porsche Cayman spec engine, but built by RUF in their facility in Pfaffenhausen. It’s also possible that these are in fact RUF Porsche conversions and not genuine RUF VIN vehicles, although the dealer Royal Motors alludes to them being RUF VIN. The orange one would have had to have been ordered with Paint-to-Sample if it’s a Porsche with all the interior exclusive options in deviated stitching. If you have any more information on the “2.9 Asia Edition”, please contact me via e-mail: info@rufregistry.com

Green RUF 3800S: I’m not entirely sure what this specific green color is called, but I think it’s Outlaw Green like this CTR3 we have in the registry. Unique to this car is the stock Porsche Cayman bumper cover instead of a genuine RUF item. I found a magazine article on it with some nice photography. If you read Thai, please translate it for us in the comments section!

Orange RUF “2.9 Asia Edition”: I’m not sure what the color is on this one, but would guess it’s RS Orange. Lots of nice deviated stitching going on inside, along with a small carbon pack, paint-matched seatbacks and embossed RUF emblems. Again, not sure if we’re looking at a converted Cayman with an original Porsche 2.9 liter engine, or bonafide RUF VIN. This car has an RT12S-style front bumper with the RUF LED array turn signals.

Grey RUF “2.9 Asia Edition”: Finally, there’s the Seal Grey car with red wheels. Like the orange car, there’s plenty of deviated stitching to be had on the interior, but rather than paint-match the seatbacks to the color of the car, they have done them in red to match the wheels, which is a nice touch. This car has the RT12-style front bumper, but with Porsche 997.2 Carrera/GT3 LED array turn signals.

That’s it for this week. E-mail me if you have info on these Porsche Cayman-based “2.9 Asia Edition” cars: info@rufregistry.com