Unwrapping the beast

One of the first RKompressors I added to the registry was this Porsche 997 model Carrera 4S with the 3.8 liter engine. I had created the registry page back in 2012 and forgot about the car, getting pretty much no feedback from any current or previous owner as to what, how or why it ended up with the wrap and other non-RUF modifications. The only thing I could find was the wrap was done as a promotional piece for an enthusiast website, but to me it did not seem all that attention-grabbing or particularly well thought-out.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I get an e-mail from one gentleman in Alberta, Canada that he has recently purchased the RKompressor and brought it up north. he stated the car was in very good condition and that one of the first things he has done is take the wrap off, exposing the beautiful black paint underneath. Now with the HRE wheels and GT3 aerokit, it is one of the meanest looking RKompressor conversions out there.