Sports Car International, September 1989

Sports Car International’s Jesse Crosse and Tim Andrews head to Europe to test a then-new RUF CTR (not the Yellowbird though, as evidenced by the lack of NACA ducts on the rear 1/4 panels) finished in “Yellowbird Yellow”. It is interesting to note that at the time of writing, half of total standard CTR production had been completed at 14 cars. Also, the 1990 964-based CTR the article alludes to are the two cars entered in the registry here: 1990 964 Carrera 4 CTR.

I have tried to figure out exactly which CTR the one in the article is. It does not have sidemarkers on the front fenders, so likely a car for export. The front foglight arrangement is unique as well, as the foglights point forward and are recessed on the inner edge rather than sitting flush with the lower bumper. If anybody has more info on this car like the VIN or can put me in touch with the current owner, please e-mail me at

Enjoy the article and like before, click the image for a large 1600×1000 readable size image.