RUF Taiwan Grand Opening Photos from Hsiang

Found this awesome set of photos from the RUF Taiwan grand opening on Hsiang’s flickr. (You can check out his great photography / event-coverage blog here)

Cars in attendance include the following (the ones with linked names are in the registry):

Silver CTR3 Clubsport: This particular car was one of the first RUF CTR3 Clubsport cars I added to the registry. The only differences I can spot between then and now are that the fender overriders have been added, and it now has a shift knob and boot like the 911-based RUFs that are equipped with manual transmission.

Mint Green RT-35S: These are the first comprehensive photos of this particular RT-35S. Thus far, I have to say, it is my favorite of the 991-based RUF VIN cars. It appears from the dash plaque that this is car 08/35 RT35s. The full alcantara interior is complimented by an interior paint package, deviated stitching and an embroidered RUF logo on the airbag cover that matches the exterior color. Finally, the matching hard-shell luggage is a nice touch!

Blue RT12R: Probably my favorite car in this bunch, and very similar in spec to the Electric Blue RT12R I have in the registry. This one is also fitted with the “Frere package” that includes the wider and more shapely front fenders. Main difference between this car and the one in the registry, besides color, is that this one is fitted with the CTR3-style front bumper with splitter. The Electric Blue car has the standard RT12-style front bumper.

Silver Turbo R: The 993-based arctic silver RUF Turbo R is a local Taiwanese car. I do not have much info on it, but Gustav from did post about it here back in 2006.

Silver RCT EVO: Although the plates in the photos say RCT, I have it on good record that this car is in fact an RCT EVO. I do not have much more info on this car right now, but it is also local to Taiwan.

Yellow CTR Widebody: Contrary to common belief, there are CTR widebodies. Although the original Yellowbird and many of the first 29 CTRs built from body-in-white shells were narrowbody+, RUF offered the CTR in the widebody configuration if the customer desired. This is one of those cars. I do not have much information on this car, but believe it to be based out of Japan due to the K-RUF badge on the rear grille, K-RUF was the Japanese importer/agent for these cars when new. Based on the interior photos, it is in lightweight configuration with rollbar.

White 3800S: No info on this one, but it does have unique dark green painted badges and brake calipers. I’m sure these Boxster / Cayman-based RUFs are a blast to drive due to the mid-engine balance and extra tuning over standard Porsche offerings.

Yellow CTR: Finally, sitting quietly amongst the newer cars is a standard Yellowbird yellow CTR. Like its widebody sibling, this car also appears to be in lightweight configuration with a rollbar as well.