14 Jun

Weekly Roundup 06/14/14 – Porsche 993 Turbo R Conversions

Big surprise, this week’s weekly roundup is going to be all Porsche 993s with Turbo R conversions. Two really clean cars that were converted and subsequently reprented by RAC Performance and a third with a very well-documented and storied past.

Artic Silver Porsche 911 Turbo R Conversion: First up is the subject of yesterday’s facebook post. RAC Performance carried out the conversion on this sleeper bone-stock looking 993 Turbo just a few thousand miles before representing it for sale on their website in the summer of 2012. Even though $93,900 still represents the high side of the market, a car with low mileage, a bonafide history and conversion carried out at such low mileage really makes this purchase more of an emotional one, rather than trying to compare it to similar Porsche 993 Turbos on the market without the RUF Turbo R conversion and then add a premium of some sort for the RUF goodies. The only thing that gives this beast away a little bit are the exhaust tips and the lowered stance. I’m sure whoever ended up finally buying this has had a lot of fun blowing the doors off 996 Turbos and GT2s, and of course the unsuspecting Ferrari F430 driver.

Black Porsche 911 Turbo R Conversion: I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely love the Speedline for Porsche 3-piece wheels that originally appeared on the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6s in ’93 and ’94 here in the U.S., but also on the earlier 3.3 liter Turbo S Leichtbau cars that we did not get here in the states. They look just as fitting and at home on a 993 as they do on a 964, case in point being this Porsche 993 Turbo with RUF Turbo R Conversion carried out by RAC Performance. Like the silver car, this one has fairly low mileage, and the conversion was carried out just a few thousand miles before it was put up for sale late last year. Overall it looks super tidy and I think the Turbo S front chin spoiler is a nice, subtle touch that the discerning eye will pick up on. The interior is all Porsche, black everywhere with no RUF items, but obviously in pristine condition given the low miles. Between this one and the silver one, it would be tough to choose, but I would probably go with this for the beautiful wheels alone.

Black Porsche 911 Turbo R Conversion: Last but not least, we have the very well-documented on Rennlist Turbo R belonging to a gentleman in Washington state. This car has a very unique exhaust setup inspired by the CTR2 that the original owner worked with Alois Ruf to get properly mounted on his car. I have personally seen this car when it was owned by Javier V. here in Southern California and can vouch for its smashing good looks. It is also the car that you click on on the left side of the screen when you land in the registry and want to navigate to the 993-based RUF section of the site. I’ve posted the original photo, which was taken by Javier, below.

That’s all for this week, and if you have any further info about any of these or other cars you see in the registry, do not hesitate to e-mail me: info@rufregistry.com

07 Jun

Weekly Roundup 06/07/14

This weekly roundup as you guys may have guessed is all Cayman-based RUFs. We kicked the week off with a green RUF 3800S, then added a couple of different “2.9 Asia Edition” cars, an orange one, and a grey with red wheels.

I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly a “2.9 Asia Edition” is. To be honest, I believe it’s the standard 2.9 liter Porsche Cayman spec engine, but built by RUF in their facility in Pfaffenhausen. It’s also possible that these are in fact RUF Porsche conversions and not genuine RUF VIN vehicles, although the dealer Royal Motors alludes to them being RUF VIN. The orange one would have had to have been ordered with Paint-to-Sample if it’s a Porsche with all the interior exclusive options in deviated stitching. If you have any more information on the “2.9 Asia Edition”, please contact me via e-mail: info@rufregistry.com

Green RUF 3800S: I’m not entirely sure what this specific green color is called, but I think it’s Outlaw Green like this CTR3 we have in the registry. Unique to this car is the stock Porsche Cayman bumper cover instead of a genuine RUF item. I found a magazine article on it with some nice photography. If you read Thai, please translate it for us in the comments section!

Orange RUF “2.9 Asia Edition”: I’m not sure what the color is on this one, but would guess it’s RS Orange. Lots of nice deviated stitching going on inside, along with a small carbon pack, paint-matched seatbacks and embossed RUF emblems. Again, not sure if we’re looking at a converted Cayman with an original Porsche 2.9 liter engine, or bonafide RUF VIN. This car has an RT12S-style front bumper with the RUF LED array turn signals.

Grey RUF “2.9 Asia Edition”: Finally, there’s the Seal Grey car with red wheels. Like the orange car, there’s plenty of deviated stitching to be had on the interior, but rather than paint-match the seatbacks to the color of the car, they have done them in red to match the wheels, which is a nice touch. This car has the RT12-style front bumper, but with Porsche 997.2 Carrera/GT3 LED array turn signals.

That’s it for this week. E-mail me if you have info on these Porsche Cayman-based “2.9 Asia Edition” cars: info@rufregistry.com

05 Jun

AK Ski RUF RT12 gets matte gray wrap

One of the first RT12s I added to the registry belongs to Swiss ski manufacturer Marco Kuonen, founder of AK Ski. Marco’s RT12 is Blood Orange, a classic Porsche color that looks great on the newer cars as well, but he felt like changing things up a bit, so he had the car wrapped in matte gray. It looks like the company that did the job was very thorough, getting the mirrors just about perfectly and the upper and lower rear wing element as well.

Additionally, Marco has informed me that the Guards Red BTR that has been making the rounds in Europe at various shows where RUF has a presence is in fact his car. It is a 1979, but is fitted with a BTR III spec engine producing 420 bhp. I have yet to add this to the registry, but will as soon as I have some more photos of it.

Finally, check out the awesome skis that Marco made to match his RT12. They are finished in a semi-gloss black and have the RUF logo near the tips painted Blood Orange to match the color of his car.

Photos and info courtesy of the owner, Marco Kuonen.

03 Jun

White RUF CTR3 Information

Hello fellow RUF-aholics. I’m looking for more information on the white RUF CTR3 that was on the RUF stand at the Geneva Auto Salon in 2009. This particular car is finished in what appears to be Grand Prix white over green leather with diamond quilting on the seats and door panels. The wheels appear to be finished in gunmetal grey like the Guards Red Chilean CTR3. It also has the fairly uncommon trapezoidal exhaust tips, rather than the quad tips that are seen more often. Most relevant to my interests, it’s right-hand-drive, which means there are only a few places it has likely gone to.

Anyway, here are the photos of the car at the show. These were taken by GT Spirit, so photo credit goes to them.

E-mail me if you know the whereabouts of this car or have any other information on it: info@rufregistry.com

30 May

Weekly Roundup 05/30/14

Pretty much all modern stuff in this weekly roundup (first of 2014 I might add!) I posted about a couple of them on our Facebook page,and slipped the last one in quietly.

Guards Red RUF CTR2: I posted this one late last week before our long weekend Memorial Day holiday here in the U.S. I originally thought this car belonged to the prominent Chilean supercar collector who has seemingly one of everything; all the Ferrari supercars, a Pagani Zonda 760RS, a Porsche 959 and a CTR3, with most finished in red.

But now I’m not so sure. I haven’t been able to find any info linking the car to South America and was going off a hunch because it does appear his CTR3 that I have in the registry is for sale via Autosalon Singen. Either way, I’m on it and will report back with more eventually. Check out the 2 period photos with the one current one from the mobile.de ad showing the green interior, which just doesn’t work with the Guards Red…not to mention the rug floormats aren’t doing the car any favors.

Guards Red RUF CTR3: I updated the red CTR3 that I have in the registry with current photos from its for sale page on Autosalon Singen. I have been contacted by another CTR3 owner who has confirmed the existence of two Guards Red CTR3s at this time. One is this particular car, which is/was originally commissioned and owned by the aformentioned Chilean collector. The unique options to this car are the Porsche airbag steering wheel with RUF hornpad and flat bottom, the matte gunmetal grey finished wheels, and finally, it is the only CTR3 I have seen that is not fitted with the perforated grilles that cover the wide slots on the rear clamshell engine cover.

Grand Prix White RUF RT-35 Roadster: As far as I can tell, this is the second open top 991-based RUF, the RUF RT-35 roadster. I quietly slipped this in because I haven’t been able to find any really good photos to credit to someone other than on Autogespot. But, these shots from the Geneva Auto Salon earlier this year from a photographer for AudiPassion will have to do for now. This model is finished in a subdued white with a black convertible top and what appears to be a Sand Beige leather and alcantara interior. Gustav from GT Board has a quick video walk around of the car showing dedication plate 06/35.

29 May

Unwrapping the beast

One of the first RKompressors I added to the registry was this Porsche 997 model Carrera 4S with the 3.8 liter engine. I had created the registry page back in 2012 and forgot about the car, getting pretty much no feedback from any current or previous owner as to what, how or why it ended up with the wrap and other non-RUF modifications. The only thing I could find was the wrap was done as a promotional piece for an enthusiast website, but to me it did not seem all that attention-grabbing or particularly well thought-out.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I get an e-mail from one gentleman in Alberta, Canada that he has recently purchased the RKompressor and brought it up north. he stated the car was in very good condition and that one of the first things he has done is take the wrap off, exposing the beautiful black paint underneath. Now with the HRE wheels and GT3 aerokit, it is one of the meanest looking RKompressor conversions out there.

27 May

Period RUF BR2 video with Stefan Roser and Joseph Huber

Came across this super long, but entertaining video of a narrowbody Porsche 964-based RUF BR2 with EKS clutchless shifting being hooned by the master, Stefan Roser. Later, there is some talking about what I’m assuming are other RUF cars and comparing them to supercars like the Ferrari F40, followed by some more on-track action. Then a widebody BR2 is showcased in low light conditions. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, and if anyone wants to watch it and give me a quick synopsis, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have some small detail photos of this particular car, but nothing that shows the entire vehicle. If you own this car or have more photos, please contact me. As far as I know, it’s still in Japan.

E-mail: info@rufregistry.com

25 May

What exactly is a RUF?

Porsches and RUFs being worked on at the RUF factory in Pfaffenhausen, Germany.

Lately I have had people e-mailing me asking about various cars that they have either come across online or are considering buying and the number one question is: Is this a real RUF? So, I thought I would put together a blog post to try and shed some light on what constitutes a RUF and whether there should be a premium involved when buying or selling.

Before I begin, I want to say that these are simply my opinions from years of research, looking at various cars in person and online and tracking asking prices, sale prices, and just enthusiasm in general. I’m sure there will be people with a difference of opinion and of course, I do not represent any sort of RUF-approved official stance on the matter.

I don’t want to get into too much history, the best place to learn about that is on YouTube where a great multi-part series narrated by Alois Ruf himself is posted to mKe197975’s channel. Here’s Part 1: RUF History Part 1.

RUF VIN: These cars are the most comprehensive cars that RUF builds. They start off typically as a body-in-white shell. That is, they have never been assembled into a Porsche, and will start their lives off and be completed in the RUF factory. In coupe configuration, the highest models are equipped with the Integrated Rollcage, or IRC. They can be specced very uniquely to meet the owners’ desires. They will typically carry a premium over a comparable standard Porsche model on the used market. RUF VIN numbers always start with W09.

A RUF VIN CTR2 Sport currently residing in Japan, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

The engine of the RUF CTR3, arguably the most uniquely RUF vehicle the company has ever produced. Click on the photo to see it in the registry.

However, a Porsche VIN does not negate a full rebuild to RUF VIN specifications. In some countries where it is difficult to register or classify the RUF VIN, an owner may choose to purchase a brand-new Porsche or have their used Porsche sent to RUF for nearly all that RUF has to offer. While some feel these cars “are not a real RUF”, I believe each vehicle should be judged on its individual merits. Typically, if the car has had a complete rebuild, the IRC will have been added, along with a host of other components that are usually reserved for RUF VIN only. Some of these cars are “RUF VIN” in all but the door tag and registration card.

A comprehensive BTR conversion carried out on this Porsche 993 Carrera 4, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

A comprehensive conversion carried out on this Porsche 997 Turbo, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

RUF Conversion: Starting with the SCR and more famously, the BTR, RUF structured a fairly comprehensive conversion program for existing Porsche owners looking to get more out of their car. The point of contention here is what exactly constitutes a RUF conversion. RUF have stated in the past that the basis is always the engine conversion, and I adhere to this interpretation when it comes to adding vehicles to the registry. If the car has a bunch of RUF cosmetic pieces, but no engine conversion, it will not be put in the registry. For instance, on the BTR, that would be the 3.4 liter 374 hp engine, on the RKompressor, it is the supercharger kit, etc. Whatever else is added beyond that simply makes the conversion more comprehensive and brings the car closer in character to a RUF VIN. Some higher horsepower conversions necessitate sending the engine to RUF in Pfaffenhausen to be stripped down, rebuilt, tested and sent back. The cars with these particular conversions will usually command a premium over lower horsepower bolt-on tuning that can happen at a regional RUF agent or RUF-authorized Porsche dealer. Similarly, on top of the engine conversion, if there are many items from the catalog like the suspension, brakes, wheels, bodykit, etc. a car will command a premium over an engine conversion only counterpart. How much is open to interpretation and should be treated on a case-by-case basis.

The engine of a Porsche 930 with BTR Conversion, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

A Porsche 996 Turbo with RTurbo conversion, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

RUF in the USA: Because I am in the USA, many of the cars I have looked at and researched have been here. From the information I have been able to gather, I know the original RUF agent in the USA was Exclusive Motorcars Inc. in Montclair, NJ. In addition to Exclusive Motorcars, the western United States was handled by RUF Western America / Scottsdale Motorsports in Scottsdale, Arizona. Later, RUF consolidated its operation to Southfield, Michigan, where it remained throughout the 1990s. In the new millennium however, another RUF agent, RUF Auto Centre, opened in Carrollton, Texas. With the economy booming and with the help of social media in the mid-naughts, RUF Auto Centre became known as the pre-eminent RUF dealer where quite a few notable cars I have added in the registry were delivered. Following the downturn of 2007, RUF once again consolidated its operation to Southfield, Michigan where it remains today. RUF Auto Centre is now known as RAC Performance and remains in Carrollton, Texas. I am looking for more info on the dealer history of RUF in the USA and if you know this information to be incorrect or have anything further to add, please e-mail me at info@rufregistry.com.

RUF brochure from Exclusive Motorcars Inc. Click on the photo to see it in its entirely.

RUF Western America magazine advertisement.

Steve Beddor: Perhaps the most iconic RUF vehicles in the USA are those that once belonged to Steve Beddor and his family. Although an entire blog post can be written on the Beddor cars alone, I will only say that if there is documentation linking a vehicle to the Beddor family, it is likely a special car and should be treated on an individual basis.

The infamous Steve Beddor CTR2 Sport racecar.

An ex-Beddor Porsche 964 CTR Conversion, click on the photo to see it in the registry.

As always, if you have any further info, literature or just feel like sharing your feelings on the matter, either post a comment here on this blog entry or e-mail me at info@rufregistry.com.

Photo credit: All photos credited in the registry, please click to see more and find out who took them.

22 May

RUF Taiwan Grand Opening Photos from Hsiang

Found this awesome set of photos from the RUF Taiwan grand opening on Hsiang’s flickr. (You can check out his great photography / event-coverage blog here)

Cars in attendance include the following (the ones with linked names are in the registry):

Silver CTR3 Clubsport: This particular car was one of the first RUF CTR3 Clubsport cars I added to the registry. The only differences I can spot between then and now are that the fender overriders have been added, and it now has a shift knob and boot like the 911-based RUFs that are equipped with manual transmission.

Mint Green RT-35S: These are the first comprehensive photos of this particular RT-35S. Thus far, I have to say, it is my favorite of the 991-based RUF VIN cars. It appears from the dash plaque that this is car 08/35 RT35s. The full alcantara interior is complimented by an interior paint package, deviated stitching and an embroidered RUF logo on the airbag cover that matches the exterior color. Finally, the matching hard-shell luggage is a nice touch!

Blue RT12R: Probably my favorite car in this bunch, and very similar in spec to the Electric Blue RT12R I have in the registry. This one is also fitted with the “Frere package” that includes the wider and more shapely front fenders. Main difference between this car and the one in the registry, besides color, is that this one is fitted with the CTR3-style front bumper with splitter. The Electric Blue car has the standard RT12-style front bumper.

Silver Turbo R: The 993-based arctic silver RUF Turbo R is a local Taiwanese car. I do not have much info on it, but Gustav from M5board.com did post about it here back in 2006.

Silver RCT EVO: Although the plates in the photos say RCT, I have it on good record that this car is in fact an RCT EVO. I do not have much more info on this car right now, but it is also local to Taiwan.

Yellow CTR Widebody: Contrary to common belief, there are CTR widebodies. Although the original Yellowbird and many of the first 29 CTRs built from body-in-white shells were narrowbody+, RUF offered the CTR in the widebody configuration if the customer desired. This is one of those cars. I do not have much information on this car, but believe it to be based out of Japan due to the K-RUF badge on the rear grille, K-RUF was the Japanese importer/agent for these cars when new. Based on the interior photos, it is in lightweight configuration with rollbar.

White 3800S: No info on this one, but it does have unique dark green painted badges and brake calipers. I’m sure these Boxster / Cayman-based RUFs are a blast to drive due to the mid-engine balance and extra tuning over standard Porsche offerings.

Yellow CTR: Finally, sitting quietly amongst the newer cars is a standard Yellowbird yellow CTR. Like its widebody sibling, this car also appears to be in lightweight configuration with a rollbar as well.

16 Apr

The Amazing Photography of Jesper van der Noord

I comb the forums, blogs, enthusiast and photo upload sites pretty often. Most of the time I’m excited to come across some photos of a car I haven’t seen or something unique, but it is truly refreshing to come across page after page of great cars that have been captured with such great depth of field, vision and camera settings. Such is the case with Jesper van der Noord’s flickr account and these amazing photos of a variety of RUFs from a BTR to CTR2, to an almighty bright green CTR3. You can check out more of Jesper’s amazing photography by clicking here.

Without further ado, here are the amazing photos.