Great RUF for Great Britain

Bob Forstner reached out to us recently with a very special RUF, the first right-hand-drive 964, an RCT Conversion that was used as the demonstrator vehicle for the UK. I have added the car to the registry and will let him tell you the history in his own words.

We were really excited to be able to buy the original RUF GB demonstrator.

This car was featured in several magazines, one being 911 & Porsche World, September/October 1994.

I have a very large history file with it.

Nachtblaumetallic 37W
Grey Interior with Dark Blue Piping, Sports Seats Left and Right
Delivered by Porsche on 01.07.1993

It was built as the demonstrator for Ruf UK.
Base is a Carrera 2 with sunroof and air-conditioning.
The owner we bought it from had bought it in 1997.

The car has everything possible including:
RUF RCT Engine,
RUF Exhaust System
6 Speed Transmission
EKS Clutch System,
Ruf Brakes,
Ruf Wheels
Ruf Suspension
Ruf Steering wheel
Ruf Aerodynamic package with front spoiler, rear spoiler, rain duct spoilers.

With kind regards,

Robert L. Forstner

Special thanks to Bob Forstner for the pics & info. If you’re interested in this vehicle or any other RUF vehicle, check their webiste out here: Bob Forstner Park Lane

  • Colin Terry

    It is nice to see that this car is still in such nice condition as I was the original owner and commissioned the conversion work to be carried out by RUF. As RUF GB was just starting out at the time, I agreed that it could be used as their demonstrator.
    I had some wonderful times with this car and as a member of RMA have driven her on most of the UK circuits, and as a passenger with famous drivers like Barry (Whizzo) Williams, Dario Franchitti and the late David Lesley, to name but a few. I purchased the number plate for £500 – it is probably worth a bit more now which was originally on a Renault 5 at the time.