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? ruf Street-Legal Cup Car
Bahrain RUF VIN: ?
Mileage: Unknown as of 01/09/2013
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black


  • Sequential Gearbox
  • Motec ADL2 Advanced Dash Logger
  • Carrera GT seats with paint-matched buckets


This is for all intents and purposes a “street-legal Cup Car” built by RUF for a customer in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Not much hard data is out there on this car, but according to Rennlist member “B7R”, we do know that it is at least 44mm wider than a GT3RS, uses BBS Motorsports wheels for the street and originally used Dymag wheels on the track. Although, by now it’s likely the Dymags have been discarded. It also appears that at least at the track, the turn signals are replaced with special ducts that feed more air to the brakes or radiators. The standard 5-gauge instrument cluster has been replaced by a Motec ADL2 Advanced Dash Logger with warning lights. The door panels have been gutted of their standard pulls and pockets and use alcantara bits instead.

I would really like more info on this car, its unique features and why the owner commissioned it as well. If you can share any further information, please e-mail us at info@rufregistry.com