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1996 porsche Turbo R Conversion
United States PORSCHE VIN: WP0AC2997TS375689
Mileage: 61,500 as of 06/17/2014
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black Leather


  • Turbo R Engine Conversion
  • CTR2 Style Exhaust
  • CTR2 Suspension
  • CTR2 Brakes


May 2014: Perhaps the most well-documented Turbo R on Rennlist.

Originally owned by John B. in Oklahoma who had the conversion completed at RUF in Pfaffenhausen. Then purchased by Kevin P. in Georgia, then by Javier V. in California. Currently with its fourth owner, Greg L. in Washington.

This car has a unique CTR2 Style exhaust system. The original owner describes how it was conceived: “The center exhaust is a ‘one off’ that Alois and and I thought we would try…it is completely different than the CTR system because of intercooler and turbo location, etc. We were able to use all original parts and just recut and fit.”

It is also the car you click on to enter the 993 section of the registry on the left side of the page. The photo was taken by its 3rd owner, Javier V. while it was in his stewardship. Javier has since moved on to a 993 BTR.

Current owner Greg L. reports a fun experience when the original owner, John B., visited the car in Washington: “The original owner(John) flew to Seattle and we met at my house. He had the biggest grin on his face seeing his old car. He shared a bunch of cool stories about the car. One being a story about how John and Alois were driving the car on the autobahn going 204 mph. It took them a few trips back to the shop working the HP and adding a longer sixth gear.”

Photos courtesy of the owners.