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16 Aug

Weekly Roundup 08/16/15 – a Porsche 996 RUF RTurbo conversion, a Porsche 930 Slantnose RUF BTR conversion and a RUF RCT EVO

Added a more eclectic mix of cars this past week. Old and new represented, RUF VIN and conversion cars, and Tiptronic and manual gearboxes as well. 2002 Porsche RTurbo 550 Conversion: I don’t know how many tiptronic RTurbos there are … Continue reading

11 Aug

Monterey Car Week 2015 – RUF Registry Porsche picks

Since this was such a popular post last year, I’m going to do one this year. Many of us are choosing to forego Monterey Car Week for Porsche Rennsport Reunion this year, but it’s not like Monterey is going to … Continue reading

09 Aug

Weekly Roundup 08/09/15 – A RUF 3400K Cayman prototype, Porsche 997 Carrera S RKompressor Conversion and an infamous 1995 993 BTR

Had a good mix of cars this week with multiple generations of 911 represented and a great 3400K Cayman that gets out and mixes it up with the big boys. “Azzurro Santa Barbara” RUF 3400K Cayman: I’ll start off by … Continue reading

01 Aug

Weekly Roundup 08/01/15 – Three BTRs, two RUF VINs and one Porsche 930 Turbo conversion

First weekly roundup in nearly a year! Work and life got in the way and I had to step back from updating the registry for a while, but getting back on the horse now and will be updating fairly regularly … Continue reading

12 Aug

Monterey Car Week 2014 – RUF Registry Porsche picks

I posted the red ducktail/stripe delete RS with RUF service history on our Facebook page on saturday that got a pretty good amount of action, and I had one follower message me asking if I was going and what cars … Continue reading

10 Aug

Weekly Roundup 08/10/14 – Two Porsche 996 Turbo RUF RTurbo conversions and a 964 Turbo RUF BR2 conversion

Been swamped with work and haven’t been able to do a weekly update, but finally had some time to go over the additions to the RUF Registry this week. Started off with a Japan market RUF BR2 conversion on a … Continue reading

12 Jul

Weekly Roundup 07/12/14 – A tale of two Porsche 911 Turbo R conversions and a RUF VIN 3800S

I don’t think I’ve made it any secret that more or less everybody likes the Porsche 911 RUF Turbo R conversions (RUF VIN as well) and RUF CTR2 cars the most on Facebook and Instagram. I happen to like them … Continue reading

05 Jul

Weekly Roundup 07/05/14 – a black devil from Japan RUF CR4 converion, a Yellowbird Yellow 996 RTurbo and an early 911SCR

This week’s additions were a bit haphazard, as I wanted to mix it up a bit since last week we had a pretty good mix of new and old. Overall, I would say these three cars represent a pretty good … Continue reading

28 Jun

Weekly Roundup 06/28/14 – From oldest, a Porsche 911SCR conversion to newest, a 991-based RUF RT35

We went to “coast-to-coast” as we say here in America with what is essentially the first RUF-modified Porsche model, a 911 SCR, and a nearly new Porsche 991-based RUF RT35. Although there isn’t much of anything RUF left on the … Continue reading

22 Jun

Weekly Roundup 06/22/14 – new and old Porsche and RUF VIN 911s

First of all, happy summer to all Ruf Registry followers. Here in Los Angeles, summer has hit hard and hot and it has inspired me to try and plan some great road trips of my own. I would be driving … Continue reading