AK Ski RUF RT12 gets matte gray wrap

One of the first RT12s I added to the registry belongs to Swiss ski manufacturer Marco Kuonen, founder of AK Ski. Marco’s RT12 is Blood Orange, a classic Porsche color that looks great on the newer cars as well, but he felt like changing things up a bit, so he had the car wrapped in matte gray. It looks like the company that did the job was very thorough, getting the mirrors just about perfectly and the upper and lower rear wing element as well.

Additionally, Marco has informed me that the Guards Red BTR that has been making the rounds in Europe at various shows where RUF has a presence is in fact his car. It is a 1979, but is fitted with a BTR III spec engine producing 420 bhp. I have yet to add this to the registry, but will as soon as I have some more photos of it.

Finally, check out the awesome skis that Marco made to match his RT12. They are finished in a semi-gloss black and have the RUF logo near the tips painted Blood Orange to match the color of his car.

Photos and info courtesy of the owner, Marco Kuonen.